California Family Law Specialist with Ph.D. In Psychology Promotes Fair, Efficient Settlement Through Mediation

Newport Beach attorney assists couples and parents seeking to avoid divorce through the courts

Litigation often adds to the emotional and financial pressure of divorce, and creates further animosity between the parties. Silverman Family Law, APC in Newport Beach is dedicated to helping Southern Californians find a better way to resolve their divorce and work effectively to create a parenting plan that is in the best interest of the children. Drawing on decades of experience as a trial lawyer and with a background in psychology that includes a Ph.D. in counseling psychology, I will provide valuable guidance and effective solutions to your custody, property and support issues, regardless of how difficult your situation might seem.

Firm handles various types of alternative dispute resolution processes

There are various forms of dispute resolution other than litigation through the public court. I am available to serve as a private judge or special master, and bring the individual and timely attention that your case deserves. I am also available to review your case, and provide you with a second opinion or prepare you for your hearing, trial or Family Court Services appointment. No matter what specific type of assistance you seek, you will benefit from my:

  • Experience — I have nearly three decades of experience resolving complex family law disputes through mediation, collaborative methods and, when necessary, litigation. I have tried hundreds of cases.
  • Psychology and counseling background — I have a Ph.D. in counseling psychology and was employed as a clinical psychologist by the states of Colorado and Wyoming. I was licensed in California as a Marriage, Child and Family Counselor for about 15 years. This training is particularly useful in mediation involving parties afflicted with psychological, emotional and behavioral problems, such as narcissistic and borderline personality disorder. I have extensive experience working with families who have parental alienation or estrangement issues.
  • Counseling-model approach — My counseling-model approach helps clients cope with the emotional or psychological issues that may arise during high-conflict, complex divorces.
  • Certification as a Family Law Specialist — I am certified by the Board of Legal Specialization of The State Bar of California as a Family Law Specialist.
  • Super Lawyer — I have been selected as a Super Lawyer every year since 2014. This is a designation awarded to the top 5% of attorneys based on peer-review.

In every situation, I work diligently to achieve satisfactory results that give both parties peace of mind and confidence regarding their future.

Negotiation and mediation services for family conflicts

A skillful family law mediator can help almost every divorcing couple. Whether you’re just looking to tie up some loose ends or are engaged in a highly contested battle over domestic issues, my firm can meet your needs. Specific matters that can be addressed through mediation include:

  • Divorce — Ending a marriage is never easy and litigation adds an extra burden. By bringing your case before a divorce mediator, you can concentrate on what needs to get done rather than immerse yourself in the legal wrangling, time and expense of a court proceeding.
  • Child custody — In high-conflict child custody mediation cases, I can defuse the tension and work closely with both parents to gain a true understanding of what is in the children’s best interests. Understanding the interpersonal dynamics of the family is important in resolving custody issues.
  • Child support — Determining the proper level of child support can be more difficult than it sounds. Formulas used by judges might not take into account extraordinary expenses for medical care or extracurricular activities. Through child support mediation, parents can reach an agreement that minimizes the likelihood of problems down the road.
  • Visitation — Changes in physical or legal custody should not threaten your relationship with your children. My family law experience allows me to raise and address sometimes overlooked issues during child visitation mediation, such as holiday arrangements, transportation between homes, parental alienation, extraordinary expenses and complex psychological issues.
  • Property division — Though the marital estate is usually divided equally under California’s community property law, disputes over valuation and the emotional attachment that spouses might have to specific items, can complicate the process. Resolving property division issues in mediation ensures that each side’s concerns will be heard and considered.
  • Spousal Support — Discussions about spousal support can become volatile quickly. I use my interpersonal skills and knowledge of the relevant laws during alimony mediation to help bridge the gap between parties.
  • Domestic violence Issues- If there are domestic violence issues, I can assist you in resolving these issues and possibly avoid a trial which may further polarize the family. I also have extensive experience working with families who have substance abuse issues. My experience in this area is as an attorney, mediator and, in the past, a therapist.

Whether you’re considering mediation for financial reasons, to ease your stress, maintain your privacy or a variety of factors, choosing the right mediator is key. My experience and credentials are what you need to assist you during a difficult time.

Consult with a certified California Family Law Specialist about the benefits of mediation

Silverman Family Law, APC in Newport Beach handles family law mediation and other methods of alternative dispute resolution for Southern California residents. For a free telephone consultation about how mediation might work in your case, call my firm at 949-991-0093 or contact me online.