Help in Filing for and Working Through Dissolution

Silverman Family Law, APC, represents Family Court-law clients: Alan R. Silverman, has over 27 years of experience dedicated to resolving Family Court-law issues and have studied alternative dispute resolution methods with leaders in the field. I am a Family Court-law specialist (CFLS) certified by the Board of Legal Specialization of The State Bar of California, with a professional background in psychology and Family Court counseling.

Developing dissolution strategy and reaching goals

I develop a comprehensive strategy for reaching your goals regarding all aspects of your dissolution, including:

  • Division of marital assets
  • Spousal support
  • Child custody
  • Parenting plan
  • Child support

With that strategy, I accomplish your objectives by taking decisive steps, which may include conducting discovery, taking depositions, filing motions with the Court (including exchanging financial information, as required by the Superior Court) and investigating the facts.

Mediator or representatives in the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process?

To help couples agree on the terms of a settlement made outside the courtroom, I have the education and experience to assist you, one party, as your representative in mediation or to assist both parties as a mediator. I do not represent either party when you and the other party select me as your mediator, a neutral facilitator, to help you both recognize your common goals and to reach equitable compromises about the issues in dispute.

Or, if you choose not to proceed with mediation, other than the minimum required by the Court, I may represent you in the traditional legal process for a marital or partnership dissolution. I am a zealous advocate who seeks to obtain the most beneficial resolution for you, whether in court or in private negotiations with the other spouse or that spouse’s attorney.

When litigation is the better option

I settle most cases through mediation by negotiating directly with the other spouse or that spouse’s attorney. Throughout the dissolution process the parties are required to meet and confer and to attempt to resolve their issues privately, outside the courtroom. If necessary, I advise you when litigation is appropriate for obtaining an equitable outcome. For example, engaging in negotiations may be impractical or even dangerous in the following situations:

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