Newport Beach CA Lawyer Assists You with Dividing Marital Property

Experienced attorney helps clients obtain equitable dissolution terms

Established in 1993, Silverman Family Law, APC, can help you obtain a fair share of marital assets in your divorce. A hallmark of my firm is its dual approach to getting results while helping clients stay calm and focused on their goals.

I have education and practice in mediation and collaborative divorce techniques. I am certified by the Board of Legal Specialization of The State Bar of California as a Family Court-law specialist (CFLS). I apply my 15 years of prior professional experience as a Family Court therapist and psychologist to help you cope with the challenging aspects of your dissolution.

Separate versus marital property

Property you and your spouse acquired during your marriage is assumed to be community property and is subject, in California, to equal division. Assets you owned before the marriage or obtained individually, without the financial contribution of your spouse or marital assets, may be counted as separate property to which your spouse has no legal interests. Determining which property belongs to your marital community and which belongs to each spouse separately or individually is complicated by the tendency of couples to mix property. One of the first steps I will take is to properly categorize your list of assets, as required by law. I engage in thorough discovery to learn more about property your spouse is claiming that might actually belong to the marriage. If appropriate in your case, I consider spousal support in my settlement negotiations or trial plans.

Calculating values of marital assets

As a family-law lawyer I calculate the accurate values of your marital assets so I can devise a comprehensive strategy for dividing your property with your spouse. If you and your spouse own rare or complex property, I consult with experts about the complicated valuations. I review your interests in such property as:

  • Real estate
  • Personal assets and household items
  • Bank accounts
  • Securities
  • Small businesses
  • Professional degrees and licenses
  • Intangible property, such as copyrights, trademarks and patents
  • Automobiles
  • Boats, trailers or other motor vehicles
  • Antiques and rare collectibles

Equitable distribution of the marital home

Your marital home may be one of your most valuable and treasured assets. I think outside the box regarding the division of spouses’ or partners’ real property and the financing options available if either spouse or partner intends to remain in the home. To develop a realistic picture of the Orange County property market, before agreeing to a settlement, I can engage the assistance of reputable appraisers and real estate agents who specialize in home sales for couples dissolving their marriage or partnership if they jointly own property. To account for delays in the sale or the deed transfer, I include in your settlement the terms for interim upkeep, such as payment of mortgages, taxes, insurance and maintenance.

Learn more from me about obtaining a fair property settlement

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