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When making custody and visitation decisions, California courts consider what is in the children’s best interest. Usually, the answer to that question includes the children spending substantial time and establishing close relationships with each parents. However, substance abuse can hinder a parent’s ability to provide the level of supervision and affection necessary to ensure the children’s safety and well-being. For this reason, evidence of a parent’s drug or alcohol abuse is a persuasive factor in the Court’s ruling on a parenting plan.

I, Alan R. Silverman can guide clients in all aspects of their litigation: dissolution, custody, and Family Court law. Before studying law, I had a successful career as a psychologist and Family Court counselor, working closely with families to help them overcome complex psychological, mental-health and substance-abuse issues. My prior professional experience gives me valuable insight into custody disputes involving mental illness or alcohol or drug dependency.

Drug and alcohol testing and evaluation laws in California

California Family Code §3041.5 permits California family courts to order drug and alcohol testing of parents as a condition of visitation or child custody in some circumstances. The court must have evidence that the parent engages in habitual, frequent or continual illegal use of drugs or alcohol. The statute specifically states that evidence may include a drug conviction within the last five years, although the law does not limit the presentation of other evidence.

If appropriate in your case, I help you prove that the other parent has a drug or alcohol dependency, and ask the court to award you custody and require testing as a condition of the other parent’s visitation.

How drug and/or alcohol dependency affects child custody and visitation rights

Alcohol and/or drug dependency are often responsible for conditions harmful to children, such as domestic violence, parental estrangement, and child abandonment and neglect. I address these difficult child- custody issues and the fundamental problem of substance abuse. I advocate for supervised visitation to protect your children and, in the most serious cases, seek no-contact orders if you or your children are in danger. Please see my Frequently Asked Questions section for more information about this issue.

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