Newport Beach Family Mediation Attorney Helps Parties Looking to Avoid Litigation

Orange County lawyer provides knowledgeable guidance

At Silverman Family Law, APC, I am a Newport Beach family law mediation attorney who gives divorcing spouses and others the chance to reach consensus on critical domestic matters. As both a certified California Family Law Specialist and someone who has earned a doctoral degree in psychology, I am particularly qualified to assist with situations where high emotions, defiant behavior or a personality disorder is blocking a resolution.

What is covered in family mediation?

You will have to live with the outcome of a family law matter for many years, which is why divorce mediation is often the best solution if disagreements exist over alimony, property division or child support. You deserve to have a say in the result rather than relying on an outsider’s judgment. When you cannot agree on a parenting plan, a child custody mediator who takes the time to learn about your children’s particular needs can be extremely valuable.

When is the best time to start family mediation?

Starting mediation as soon as a conflict arises can help avoid the expense and stress that accompanies legal conflicts. It is my experience that at the beginning of the case, parties often bring a limited amount of good will toward each other to the settlement process. The good will often erodes after the financial and emotional stress of litigation drains them. Even if you and your soon-to-be ex are getting along well, my mediation experience gives you the chance to raise any concerns while being assisted by someone who is highly trained in both legal and psychological matters. Alternatively, initiating the process promptly can lower the temperature if the situation seems to be spinning out of control.

Are lawyers required in family law mediation?

If the parties are represented by attorneys at the mediation, a party is often able to resolve a matter more efficiently and have more confidence in their decision because their counsel is participating in the negotiations. If funds are an issue or if a party chooses to participate without an attorney , mediation is often preferable to litigation. There are many methods of alternative dispute resolution that can be used for a family law matter. I offer various options to individuals who seek assistance on their own, as well as those already represented by attorneys.

When your partner is irrational, uncooperative, or narcissistic

Mediation is not just for situations where friendly parties are close to a settlement. Remember that litigation is an inherently adversarial process. If you’re dealing with someone who is highly emotional or who has a borderline or narcissistic personality disorder, disputes over procedural matters can trigger serious problems even before you get to the real issues. My firm uses mediation to bypass needless conflicts and ease individuals away from their irrational beliefs.

What happens if mediation is not successful?

You should go into the mediation process with confidence as this process results in a settlement agreement more than 80 percent of the time. Even when highly emotional conflicts or personality disorders make reaching consensus more difficult, a skillful mediator can find ways to get everyone focused on reaching a mutually agreeable solution. However, there are certain circumstances where mediation does not result in a complete agreement, and the parties end up going to court. From the outset, I can give you an informed perspective regarding how your mediation might proceed and the likelihood of achieving a successful resolution.

Consult with a Certified Family Law Specialist regarding the mediation process

Silverman Family Law, APC in Newport Beach provides mediation services for all types of family law conflicts, including disagreements over divorce terms, custody arrangements and child support payments. If you are in Southern California and wish to discuss your issue in a free telephone consultation, please call 949-991-0093 or contact me online.