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Client Testimonials for Silverman & Silverman, Attorneys at Law

Attorneys serving satisfied clients throughout Southern California

Silverman & Silverman is dedicated to helping families and individuals through some of the most challenging events in their lives. Our deepest satisfaction comes from helping clients reach resolution and move forward in the most positive ways possible. We are proud of feedback we receive and look forward to offering you representation with the same commitment to helping you toward a better future.

“I seldom write reviews, but given my unique experience with Alan and Claudia, I feel I must let others know that good attorneys still exist.  Alan and Claudia are extremely ethical and professional attorneys. What sets them apart from the rest, however, is their empathy and loyalty to their clients. Alan and Claudia are NOT just about the money. They in it because they care. When I came to see Alan I had been through 2 attorneys, my case was a mess, but he still gave me hope and decided to take my case when others would not even consider it.  The emotional support Alan and Claudia provide their clients is rare to find in their field.  My first attorney lacked professionalism and knowledge about all aspects of family law. My second attorney was from a well-known and large firm in the south bay that specializes in litigation. They were extremely expensive and showed care about me and my case when I had the money.  However, it was a different story when I ran out of money and and it was almost certain I would not get awarded attorneys’ fees from the judge given that they had awarded this large firm $150,000 that they immediately exhausted in a 3 month period.  This large, “reputable” and well-known firm discharged me with absolutely no basis other than, I suspect, they knew the judge would award them another large fee. I was then referred to Alan by another mother who had a very good experience with him. Alan was different. I had absolutely no money when I came to see him.  He took a chance with me, but he cared about justice. He believed that fairness should prevail and he would help me achieve the best outcome for my situation.  My case is still ongoing but I can tell you that Alan has done more than just fight for me and my children. He has given me hope and the belief that there are still honest and good people in this world.   Alan is very much to the point and deals with honesty, of it you are not prepared to deal with him in this manner, then he is not the right attorney for you.”

“I had a very difficult divorce and Alan and his partner Claudia Bravo Silverman provided excellent advice to me and guidance through the divorce process. They also worked very hard on the documentation for the paperwork for the case.  Alan advocated for me when necessary and also counseled when going to court would not pay. We ended up with a divorce settlement that was agreeable to both my ex-husband and myself.  I also appreciated that Alan and his partner were always accessible by email and phone for questions.”

“Alan Silverman is a compassionate, insightful and fair.  His understanding of complex cases makes him a “go to” attorney.  He is available to handle difficult cases. I was able to reach him on weekends. He was available to accommodate my schedule. He always returned my calls.  I also appreciated that Alan and his partner Claudia were always very accessible by email and phone for questions.”

“Silverman and Silverman have led me to continued successes and gains throughout the divorce process, in the face of an extremely aggressive (ex) spouse and her lawyers.  Silverman and Silverman are an example of getting what you pay for. My spouse created a mountain of (to put it extremely delicately) misinformation to the courts and legal system, and Alan was extremely proficient in logically addressing them and maintaining momentum through the divorce process. He credentials and experience are tailor-made to manage and achieve positive outcomes when faced with a difficult and highly combative spouse. Highly recommend when other party insists on playing dirty. Alan was able to turn the situation completely around with refreshingly ethical guidance and professional conduct.  He and his firm worry about you and your situation and will stay on top of you to ensure you will come out ahead, something I appreciated during what is a very difficult time.”  

“Having the right attorney makes all the difference.  I contacted Silverman & Silverman to handle my divorce case.  I was ultimately pleased with Mr. Silverman’s practical and solid advice.  He is an expert in the area of divorce law and his guidance and expertise was outstanding. My case was quite complex and drawn out however the offices of Silverman & Silverman were very knowledgeable and ultimately helped me finalize the matter with an excellent outcome.  I truly appreciate their help. If you’re looking for a high quality attorney, who is an expert in divorce law that will be dedicated to your case, I would highly recommend him.” 

“I could not have been more satisfied.  The service was professional, prompt and sensitively handled. The cost was reasonable and appropriate. I could not recommend his services more highly.”

“This law firm solved my problem. I am grateful for my attorney’s help. I recommend this law firm.”

"I recently had a completely unexpected need for the services of an attorney specializing in family law and was very fortunate in finding Alan Silverman. He was prompt in providing me with his time and thorough in his review of my case. As we progressed through the case I found him to be knowledgeable, able to access other experienced professionals for additional support, and responsive to all my concerns and needs. His ability to empathize was also an important factor in reaching a successful conclusion to my case. I could not recommend anyone more highly."

"In 2005, I was faced with the need to find a family law attorney to help me navigate through all the dos and don'ts of an unwanted divorce. I am so glad I chose Mr. Silverman to represent me because he was able and well qualified to help me obtain a fair settlement on complicated property and custody issues without causing resentment between the two parties. I would recommend Mr. Silverman not only for his knowledge of family law but also because of his training as a psychologist and his genuine care for my children's well-being. It is now 2013 and Mr. Silverman is still giving me helpful advice about my case."

“I would highly recommend the law firm of Silverman & Silverman for all your family law matters. Alan recently handled my divorce case and is an expert in matters of family law and he provides outstanding legal guidance regarding your case. Alan is fully accessible via phone and email and always promptly responded to my concerns and kept me informed of every detail involving my case. My case was complex and ultimately went to trial, where Alan Silverman was highly prepared and achieved an outstanding result. If you’re in need of an experienced, ethical and knowledgeable attorney who will be dedicated to your case, this is a great firm to put your trust in. I sincerely appreciate all of Alan's commitment and dedication to my case and I am very pleased with the outcome he achieved.”

“I retained Alan's services for a family law matter, which was recently resolved. For the most part, Alan was helpful, practical and professional. More importantly, his knowledge of the local family court system and ability to explain what options were available for my situation significantly contributed to my decision-making process, and ultimately an amicable outcome for all parties.”

“The services I received from Silverman & Silverman for my family law case were thorough. Alan Silverman always kept me informed of the latest developments regarding my case. Their firm is reliable and sensitive to your needs. They will do what is in the best interest of their client and outcome, no question.”

“The practice of Silverman & Silverman is bar none when it comes to dealing with contentious cases in a professional and goal-oriented manner. Alan is very disciplined and knows his craft well. Whether it was a weekend or evening, Alan and his wife Claudia always promptly responded to my concerns and kept me apprised of every detail every step of the way. Having been a licensed psychologist previous to becoming a family law attorney in 1993 proved to be an invaluable asset in handling my particular case. Highly ethical, a sharp mind, completely above-board tactics, and straight-shooting lawyering skills, Dr. Silverman possesses an earned reputation and respect of judges, qualities that you'll need when dealing with tough cases and underhanded opposing parties. He also gives back to the blossoming legal community and if you are lucky enough to learn from him, more power to you because I believe all lawyers should emanate his methods. As the old adage goes, ‘you get what you pay for!’"

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To reach the positive outcomes you desire and receive help in coping with the difficult issues you face during complicated family law matters, contact Silverman & Silverman, Attorneys at Law. Call our lawyers at 760.512.3251 or 415.906.4142 or contact us online to schedule your free initial phone consultation. Sunday appointments are available.

From our law office in Carlsbad, we serve clients in Oceanside, La Jolla, Vista, Encinitas, Escondido, Rancho Santa Fe and throughout the San Diego area.

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