Certified Specialist Newport Beach Divorce Mediation Attorney Facilitates Discussions Between Parties

California lawyer helps spouses resolve financial and parenting terms

Finalizing your divorce terms does not have to be a long, expensive, stressful process. Approximately 80 percent of marriage dissolutions are resolved with the help of a qualified, private mediator. Since 1994, I have used divorce mediation and other methods of alternative dispute resolution to help couples complete fair marital settlement agreements. I am a seasoned Newport Beach divorce mediation attorney, and a California Certified Family Law Specialist, with an extensive therapeutic background. I have engaged in extensive mediation training and practice. I have taken course work at the renowned Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution through the Pepperdine University School of Law. No matter how challenging you think reaching consensus might be, I can likely find ways to help parties focus on what’s important in support of an equitable result.

Benefits of divorce mediation

As an experienced Newport Beach family law mediator, I can explain the many advantages this form of alternative dispute resolution offers, including:

  • Reducing costs — Mediation typically costs less than litigation.
  • Expediting the process — You are likely to finalize your dissolution sooner through the mediation process than if you must wait for a judge to hear your case as set on the docket. You can set appointments that fit with your schedule, because the parties control the timing of the meetings.
  • Keeping control in your hands — Mediation keeps decisions in your hands instead of in the judge’s. You have the right to choose the mediator.
  • Promoting cooperation between parents — Participating in private discussions and cooperating with the other co-parent is essential during the mediation process and important when it comes to raising well-adjusted children after the divorce is finalized.
  • Maintaining privacy — Instead of going over intimate details of your personal life in open court, mediation is confidential and usually held in a private office setting.
  • Creating neutrality — The mediator, a neutral party, guides parents toward an agreement that is in the best interests of the children, while respecting the rights of each parent.

Working with an accomplished mediator gives you the ability to resolve all of your divorce terms and move forward with confidence, rather than hoping that a judge will understand your concerns.

What issues are covered in divorce mediation?

As someone who has earned a PhD. in counseling psychology and spent decades as a family law litigator, I provide a unique skill set to couples going through a divorce. On issues pertaining to child custody, visitation, child support, alimony and property division, my firm blends legal knowledge with a keen understanding of interpersonal dynamics to remove the obstacles blocking a settlement. My unique background adds value in high-conflict cases, as well as in matters where one or both parties are dealing with psychological problems.

Types of divorce mediation in California

In California, divorce mediation is only required by courts when parents are unable to agree on custody and visitation arrangements. However, numerous individuals and community organizations have recognized the advantages that mediation offers, so many programs exist to help spouses settle their divorce terms with the aid of a qualified third party. Whether you require assistance forming a parenting plan, are looking for a spousal support mediation lawyer, or have another area of disagreement, my firm can help.

What is included in divorce mediation?

Another advantage of divorce mediation is that you have control over the process and scheduling. In some situations, only a few sessions might be required to achieve consensus. On the other hand, some divorces take longer to work out because experts such as appraisers or child psychologists might need to be consulted in order to reach an appropriate settlement. Once you and your spouse come to an agreement, my firm can help you develop a thorough, detailed document that can be submitted to the court for approval and incorporated into your financial marriage dissolution order.

What happens if mediation for a Newport Beach divorce fails?

Some studies have estimated that divorce mediation ends in a settlement more than 80 percent of the time. However, you should be aware that alternative dispute resolution sometimes fails to bridge all of the differences between two parties. Even if you need to go to court, mediation might help resolve specific aspects of your divorce, reduce the issues in dispute and can streamline the litigation process. You should also remember that post-judgment divorce modifications are allowed if a significant change in circumstances occurs after the dissolution order is entered.

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