Dissolution Mediation in Carlsbad, CA, by a Neutral Facilitator to Reach equitable settlements in North County

Approximately 90% of dissolutions are settled with the help of a qualified, private mediator. Since 1993, Silverman Family Law, APC, relied on alternative dispute resolution (ADR)  methods, mediation or direct negotiations with opposing counsel to settle most cases. I engaged in extensive mediation training and practice, including coursework at the Pepperdine University School of Law’s renowned Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution in Malibu, CA. I act as a neutral mediator to facilitate an equitable settlement between you and your spouse/partner

California laws mandate mediation in some dissolution disputes

California Family Court Code §§3170-3173 mandates that California courts set most cases involving child custody or visitation for mediation. If domestic violence is alleged, the Court is authorized to resolve the matter without forcing the victim to attend sessions with the abuser. Otherwise, all persons seeking to gain custody or visitation rights-including biological parents, adoptive parents, stepparents and grandparents-must participate in mediation or waive their rights to the settlement reached by the other parties.

Benefits of mediation in marital or partnership dissolution

I encourage separating couples to engage in mediation due to the many advantages the process offers, including:

  • Reducing costs — Mediation typically costs less than litigation.
  • Expediting the process — You are likely to finalize your dissolution sooner through the mediation process than if you must wait for a judge to hear your case as set on the docket because the parties control the timing and scheduling of the meetings.
  • Limiting stress — Negotiating privately is less formal, private, and less intimidating than the courtroom.
  • Keeping control in your hands — Mediation keeps decisions in your hands instead of in the judge’s.
  • Promoting cooperation between parents — Parents begin the process of cooperation essential to raising well-adapted children during the mediation by participating in private discussions or after dissolution is completed.
  • Creating neutrality — The mediator, a neutral party, guides parents toward an agreement that is in the best interests of the children and respects each parent’s rights.

Retaining me as your dissolution mediator

When you retain me as the mediator in your dissolution, I do not represent you or your spouse or other party. Instead, I serve as a neutral facilitator to help both parties find common grounds and reach agreements about the terms of your dissolution. During the session, I meet with both parties-and lawyer(s) if retained-with the goal of reaching a settlement that is fair and acceptable to both of you. At the conclusion of your mediation session(s), your attorneys draft all the necessary documents, which you and your spouse sign to complete your agreement. If the parties lack attorneys, Silverman Family Law, APC, will work with the parties to complete the necessary final documents. I remain available after the mediation has concluded to assist you in resolving any disputes that may arise regarding the final documents.

Consult with skilled mediator in Carlsbad, CA, to reach a fair settlement agreement

To learn more about reaching an equitable settlement agreement through mediation, call Alan R. Silverman of Silverman Family Law, APC, at 760-512-3251 or contact me online to schedule your free initial phone consultation. Sunday appointments are available.

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