Carlsbad, CA, Lawyer Resolves High-Conflict Custody Disputes

Dealing with mental-health issues in child custody cases

Child custody is usually an emotional issue, even when parents agree on most matters. However, some child-custody cases develop into contentious battles that are stressful, frustrating and painful. I am uniquely positioned to resolve your high-conflict custody disputes. Please see our section for more information on this issue. I care deeply about your children’s well-being and believe strongly in Family Court-law justice. I advocate for a custody arrangement and parenting plan that is best for you and your Family Court.

A law firm with a psychology and family-counseling background

At Silverman Family Law, APC, I have 20+ years of experience in family law and extensive training in alternative dispute-resolution techniques. I am effective in developing resolutions through mediation and collaborative divorce methods and am known for my ability to obtain results through litigation when parents cannot agree to a fair parenting plan.

I hold a Ph.D. in counseling psychology, a master’s in guidance and counseling, a master’s in behavioral sciences and epidemiology, and a bachelor’s in psychology. My 15-year career as a psychologist and family counselor is a valuable resource in helping you understand the other parent’s behavior, cope with the anxiety associated with a high-conflict custody dispute and make the most beneficial decisions for your children.

Challenging custody issues

High-conflict custody disputes typically involve serious mental-health issues. I thoroughly investigate the origins of your disputes and address these matters directly in our case strategy. I assertively pursue solutions that protect you and your children from the damaging consequences of:

  • Substance abuse — If the other parent is abusing drugs or alcohol, I request that the Court consider substance-abuse issues in its custody decisions and order testing, assessment and treatment as a condition of the other parent’s visitation rights.
  • Domestic violence — I help you take the necessary steps to protect your family from domestic violence, including pursuing a restraining order against your abuser. If you have been accused of domestic violence, I will vigorously defend your rights.
  • Parental alienation — To repair the damage caused by parental estrangement or alienation, I employ strategies to improve and repair your relationship with your child. I have substantial experience with this type of case and can effectively advocate to the court for interventions appropriate to your situation.

Consult with me in Carlsbad CA about resolving your high-conflict child-custody dispute

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