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Category Archives: Divorce

Spousal and Partner Support in California

A contentious issue during a divorce is spousal support, which can be a complex issue to understand to and to resolve. When one spouse has a lower income, the court may order the other spouse to provide a certain level of financial support. In California, in a dissolution, a request for the court to order… Read More »

Service by Publication in California

Each person is required to receive actual notice, have an opportunity to appear and be heard before any adverse legal action may be taken the person; this is known as due process. Divorce is no exception to this requirement. The litigation to dissolve the marriage begins with filing of the proper forms with the court… Read More »

Dividing Property Pursuant to Divorce or Legal Separation

Property division can cause a lot of tension during the divorce process. California’s community property law directs the court to divide the marital estate in half, but there’s no guarantee that all assets will be designated as community property. More likely than not, the court will hold that one or both spouses are entitled to… Read More »

Types of Marital Dissolution in California

After the difficult decision to dissolve the marriage is made, each of you must determine which course of action is best for you. Depending on your personal beliefs, financial situation, if you have children, and/or other facts and issues, your marriage might be ended by divorce, legal separation or annulment. The person who files the… Read More »

Can My Marriage be Annulled?

In California, the court can grant an annulment if it determines that the marriage is void or voidable. A void marriage can never be legal; a voidable marriage is presumed legal and, then, can become void or rendered null by proof of certain circumstances. Void marriages include incestuous unions. California’s consanguinity law forbids marriages between… Read More »

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation in California

The thought of facing a judge or being in a courtroom may be intimidating for some persons. When seeking a divorce, you may decide that litigation in the courtroom is not the right choice for you due to the time and expense required to appear before the judge. Another option available to the parties, as… Read More »

Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Attorney

It is possible to file for divorce in California without an attorney such as when the divorce is simple, with no children or shared assets. However, most cases are more complex than that. If there are child custody, child support, property division, spousal support or other issues, an experienced lawyer is essential to ensuring your… Read More »

Divorcing from a Partner with a Personality Disorder

Obtaining a divorce can be complicated and overwhelming under most circumstances. On top of that, a spouse with a personality disorder adds another level of complication. The thought of leaving a partner with a personality disorder can be scary … You may not know how your spouse will react … You may have children to protect. Despite these… Read More »