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Implementing a Parallel-Parenting Plan

In a high-conflict separation or divorce, a parallel-parenting plan may be the best option for your family. Disengaging from the other parent with as little conflict as possible could ensure that your children are raised properly. With the help of experienced child-custody attorneys, you can develop a plan that is suitable for your child(ren) and both parents.

The key for a successful parallel parenting plan is to reduce the risk of conflict arising between the parents. Minimizing the amount of direct interaction between disputing parents will minimize the potential for arguments. The parents are allowed to make their own decisions on the daily basic aspects of their child’s life and still communicate on major issues, such as health and education.

For a parallel parenting plan to work, the following must occur:

  • The parents do not communicate with one another about minor issues;
  • Each parent’s time is written, recorded in a calendar with precise details, leaving nothing open to interpretation;
  • Neither parent criticizes the other’s parenting choices;
  • Each parent works independently for the best interests of their child(ren);
  • Each parent’s household functions independently with each parent being responsible for
  • making decisions about his or her child(ren) when the child(ren) are in that parent’s care;
  • The child(ren)’s needs are the top priority of the parents;
  • Indirect methods of communication – e-mail, fax, parenting notebook – are used when discussing major issues.

The ultimate goal of parallel parenting is to place time and distance between the parents from each other so that they can eventually parent cooperatively. By disengaging from each other, while still being active in their child(ren)’s lives, the parents reach a compromise and work together to create a stable and nurturing environment for their child(ren).

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